Parent Volunteer Positions

Team Official – Meet Official runs the meets, starts each event in the meet, and provide training and support for all volunteers.

Parent Coordinator – Responsible to check in volunteers at start of each meet, ensure positions required for each meet are covered, volunteers are reminded ahead of time, and distributes supplies such as timer forms, stop watches, and pencils.

Communications Coordinator – Main point of contact for Coaches in case of practice or meet schedule change.
Communication Coordinator sends out team messages via email to our registered families to inform all parents of happenings and changes.

Place Judge – Place Judge is responsible for determining the order in which swimmers reach wall, then records placement of each lane on place form. At end of each heat of each event, Place Judge provides completed place form to Runner. One volunteer per team for each meet is needed.

Ribbon Writer – Ribbon Writer uses score sheet to complete 1st, 2nd , 3rd, and Honorable Mention ribbons for swimmers. We need three volunteers for each meet.

Runner – Runner is responsible for collecting completed time forms from Timers and place form from Place Judge at end of each heat, checking to make sure that that time forms are completely filled out. After each heat of each event, Runner delivers to Score Keepers forms with place form on top, followed by time forms in lane order. We need two volunteers for each meet.

Scorer – Scorer keeps a running record of results using an official score sheet. Scorer uses the information provided on the place form and time sheets for a particular event and heat to record the swimmers times, and to determine the points scored based on the order of finish. A Second-Heat Scorer is also needed to record non-scoring times for the Head Coach.

Timers – Timer is responsible to measure the swimmer’s time in the assigned lane for the duration of a meet, and records this information on forms provided at the meet. At the end of each heat of each event, Timer provides completed forms to the Runner. Stop watches, forms, pencils are available at each meet. We need seven Timers for each meet.